Peering Burglar With Crowbar Contemplates Property Crimes
Apparent Burglar Peers Through Window, Crowbar In Hand

Property Crimes – Theft and Possession of Stolen Property

Property crimes such as Theft and Possession of Stolen Property can interfere with a person’s ability to maintain or obtain employment.

RCW 9A.56.020 defines Theft as wrongfully obtain or exert unauthorized control over property or services of another or the value thereof. RCW 9A.56.140 defines Possession of Stolen Property as receive, retain, possess, conceal or dispose of stolen property knowing it has been stolen and to withhold or appropriate to the use of any person other than the true owner. Although punishments for these offenses are usually less severe than for offenses against people, you should consider the collateral consequences and the potentially lasting effect a conviction might have on your future ability to work.