Gun Rights Restore – Possess Firearms

Washington law, RCW 9.41.040, permits people with a felony conviction to restore lost firearms rights after five years in the community without being convicted of a new offense or currently charged with an offense. A person convicted of a gross misdemeanor may petition the court to restore his firearm right after three years. Certain other restrictions may apply. I first determine whether you are eligible to reinstate your right and then counsel you on what steps are necessary to successfully restore your right to possess firearms.

Professional, Efficient

Jim was very professional to work with. He was efficient and worked through my issues quickly. He was easy to work with. He is a nice man and I enjoyed meeting him. Thanks Jim for all of your help.

Able to Purchase and Pickup My Guns

I wanted to let you know that I was able to purchase and pickup my guns… I was able to use my store credits from my initial denial in March 2013 and am now a happy, lawful gun holder, all thanks to you.

I cannot thank you enough. Without your expertise, contacts with WSP, etc. I firmly believe I’d be still waiting and spending unnecessary legal dollars to fix my problem.

I’d be honored to be a reference for you… My sincere thanks of gratitude to you.