Auto Insurance

Mandatory Insurance and the Bond in Lieu of SR-22

RCW 46.29.450 provides alternative methods of giving proof of financial responsibility. Other than the customary certificate of insurance under RCW 46.29.460, some drivers have applied for a security in lieu of SR-22 form insurance in order to avoid loss of employment where their employer has determined that carrying SR-22 form insurance will cause termination. Be […]

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US Constitution with Hand Gun, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, also known as Gun Rights

Obstacles to Restoring Your Gun Rights

I receive frequent calls from people wanting to restore their firearm rights who are surprised to learn that a necessary step includes a separate motion to vacate the underlying conviction that caused the firearm rights loss. Under Washington law it may be possible to restore your state gun rights, and yet still be denied gun […]

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Preparing Motions for Reduced Sentences and Early Release of Federal Drug Trafficking Offenders Where the New Guideline Range is Lower than the Actual Sentence

In July 2014 the United States Sentencing Commission decided to retroactively apply a reduction to the sentencing guideline levels for most federal drug trafficking offenders. The motivation for this was to reduce prison costs and populations which currently exceed capacity by more than 30%. The Commission amended the Sentencing Guidelines to lower the base offense […]

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Washington State Criminal Courts Requiring Higher Bail

There has been a continuing trend in Washington State Criminal Courts toward requiring higher bail. Even so, the law and court rules require that the court presume personal recognizance release of a person accused of a crime (CrR 3.2). The Washington Constitution, Bill of Rights, Article 1, sections 14 and 20, provide the right to […]

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